Hollandia Land and Environmental Solutions began as Hollandia Nursery Sod, an agricultural sod grower in 1958. We Have since expanded into landscaping in the 1970’s and into environmental land reclamation in the early 1980’s. We currently offer a full spectrum of contracting solutions that include products, services and consulting. We are expanding our capabilities into research, focusing on developing products, and techniques for land reclamation and other environmental products and services based on organics and soil science.

We continue to engage in commercial and private landscaping projects, grow trees and are involved with reclamation seeding and regreening. We cater our landscaping to residential homeowners and various building and construction companies while our environmental solutions are generally geared towards commercial and industrial clients although such services are universally available.

Based in Chelmsford, Ontario, Hollandia Land & Enviornmental Solutions own considerable equipment, and has a highly skilled staff to do deliver solutions in environmental ecology. We generally employ up to 20 employees consisting of technicians, consultants, experts, and trades people who are highly skilled in delivering our tailored solutions. We are in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, and are bonded for many projects.

Hollandia Land and Environmental Solutions, as a landscaping and environmental ecology firm has performed seeding and other golf course related work on over a dozen golf courses in Northern, and Southern Ontario. As such we are capable of supplying sod, soils, aggregates, along with equipment, and seeding. We can also provide landscape solutions (design and construct) for areas of high visibility such as near the club-houses.

Hollandia Land & Enviornmental Solutions has considerable experience working for mining companies like Noranda, Rio Algom, Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, a Glencore Company (Falconbridge), VALE (INCO) , Denison and Placer Dome, with most of the work consisting of revegetation of tailings, pollution control and providing slope stability. Examples include the spreading of lime on tailings areas or in water systems our equipment or constructing fascines for slope stability in the Sudbury area. We are equipped to undertake a wide array of tasks in the environmental realm and we are currently conducting research into developing products and solutions for heavy metal and other contaminated soils.

In line with our reclamation work Hollandia has been doing similar slope stability and re-vegetation type work such as seeding & mulching, commonly known as Hydroseeding , erosion control blanket  on Ontario Ministry of Transportation MTO projects for approximately 20 years. And we are in good standing with the MTO and highway contractors such as AECON, Dufferin, Fowler, and Teranorth.

Our company offers aquatic work for aesthetic and environmental purposes and has recently completed fish habitat and wet land projects including wood/boulder reefs and debris catchers in rivers for MTO contracts. We have also completed aquatic ecosystems for wetland inhabitants in ponds. We have experience in construction of rock cascade, rock protection live stakes, weirs, log-root wad structures and channel bioengineering. As such, we are a contractor of choice for wetland related work as we offer solutions for the construction of both aesthetically pleasing landscape ponds, or functional water treatment, or storage ponds.


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